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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Testimony of One Who Has been Saved by the Mighty Hand of God!

I was living my life and I was sinning against only YOU.
The way I was living was evil, hateful, selfish and mean, yes it’s true.
It was hurting, and unpleasant for my family, and me, and also for You.
You got my attention, and I listened to You, I confessed my sins, and asked for forgiveness, which I can get from only You.
I was ready to leave my old life behind, and start living for You,
You dear LORD knew this, and for this I Praise You.
It’s all about YOU LORD, It’s all about YOU!

I cried, and I cried, and prayed for forgiveness, till I was out of breath. Then and only then, You came, Dear LORD JESUS, and SAVED my SOUL from death.
You removed the scales from my eyes, so that I could see
the wrong I was doing, and the hurt I caused my family and me, only You Dear Lord Jesus can repair this for me, and for this I pray, and will always Praise Thee.
I thank You and Praise You for the Peace, Love and Joy You bestowed upon me.
It’s all about YOU LORD, It’s all about YOU!

Then You made me realize LORD JESUS, that You loved and cared, and that’s why You Saved me.
And for this Dear Lord Jesus, Glory be to Thee, for I have been put in a place that I don’t want to be, but I still Praise You LORD JESUS for saving me, I thank You for the peace and the patience, You gave to me.
I realize now LORD JESUS why You allowed this to happen to me.
It’s all about YOU LORD, Its all about YOU!

I can’t wait to start living the plan You have for my family and me, but I trust and have Faith in You Lord, so I wait, patiently. Praise God!
As for me and my family, from now on we’ll Praise Thee, till the end of our days as a God fearing family.
It’s all about YOU LORD, It’s all about YOU!

I and my family, I pray, are growing stronger in faith because of You, for Your Word LORD JESUS, says, You are faithful and true. We are putting all our trust LORD JESUS, only in YOU. For You Lord Jesus, say this is what we need to do. Praise God!
It’s all about YOU LORD, it’s all about YOU!

Your Word says to stand firm in our faith, and this we will do. So the enemy can’t come against us and separate us from You. Praise God!
By Your Grace, and Your Mercy and only by this I will be set free and in the mean time, LORD JESUS, I will praise and thank You, and wait patiently. Praise God! You are now my Father, and my King, my Master, and I belong to You, as well as my family. You will be a Father to them to.
I never realized LORD JESUS how wonderful it could be to walk in Your presence, and be guided by Thee. Praise God!
It’s all about YOU LORD, it’s all about YOU!

You heard my cries LORD JESUS, and You came and saved me, and from now on LORD JESUS, I will pray and ask Thee for the salvation of my loving family, and all those that surround me. May it be not Me that lives, but You who lives in me, make me so much like You Jesus, that when people see me, they will want to know You better, and for this I Praise Thee!
For in You DEAR LORD JESUS, we put all our trust because we sincerely believe that Your Judgment LORD JESUS will always be RIGHTEOUS and JUST.
It’s all about YOU LORD, it’s all about YOU!

You are teaching me and my family, how we are supposed to be, by caring and loving one another, the way You meant for it to be. To love all our neighbors, and even our enemies, so we could walk before God, and give Glory to Thee. Praise God!
It’s all about YOU LORD, it’s all about YOU!

We have hope, and we have faith, it’s because of YOU, for when it comes to GRACE, MERCY, and FORGIVENESS, LORD JESUS there is no FATHER like YOU.
It’s all about YOU LORD, it’s all about YOU!

Praise You LORD, Blessed be YOUR NAME,
I believe the LORD JESUS will bring me through this trial, and I will come forth as Gold.
Forever YOURS
Your son in Christ

Saints I received this in a letter today, a letter written by one who has been touched by the Mighty hand of God. It came along with a letter full of Godly admonitions from the Lord. A letter not written by the hand of a mere carnal man, but by a new creature in Christ Jesus. Perhaps as time goes on I shall be free to share more with you.

A blessed, "Thank you", to all who are keeping us in your prayers.

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