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Thursday, July 30, 2009

May Our Light So Shine That Men Will Glorify The Lord

The Lord He is Good, and His Mercy Endureth for Ever!

Oh Lord restore unto me the Joy of my Salvation! The Joy of the Newly Redeemed!

For the last several weeks, I have been observing one who is newly Saved, newly forgiven, a new creature in Christ Jesus our Lord. I must tell you it is stirring both old and new things in me, to see the faith the God has instilled in His new child, and to witness the miracles He is doing on their behalf. It is taking me back to the time when I was first saved, and all the things that God did for me to ground and root me in Himself. The move mountains, measure of faith, that I was given.

God is so totally awesome, and able to do all things. We tend to sell Him so short, and we suffer because we do not have enough trust in Him. We don't give Him enough time to work things out in His way, we want instant gratification, instant answers.

The newly saved know they can trust Him, they are willing to be patient, they are basking in His presence, and His heavenly blessings. They are basking in the knowledge that He IS and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. To know God is the single most wonderful thing.

There is a true glow about one newly saved, it is the light of Christ shining through them.

You know all the paintings that have been painted of Jesus, they portray Him as being so handsome, yet that is not the picture the Word paints of Him. The word says He was not one to have looked upon and desired. His beauty shone from within Him, it was the Pure Holy Light. It is that same Holy light that shines from within the children of God. It is that light that changes a countenance, that permeates the soul, that gets to the very root of a man, and cleanses him from the inside out.

All Glory to Your Holy Name Oh Lord!!!!

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