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Monday, July 27, 2009

Confess Your Faults One To Another!

Some times it is all I can say, to utter the words, "God Help Me".

No you are not the only one to get to that place, all of God's children come to those places, because we are in a battle for our souls...Satan is raging, and seeking whom he may devour.

The Lord told Peter that Satan had desired to have him, that he might sift him as wheat, but that the Lord Himself had prayed for Peter that his faith not fail....

Often times I have to say, "God Forgive Me" because I do not at all times remember to stop and heed the Holy Spirit, and crucify my flesh, I just react. Especially since I have a home with three precious, but some times rowdy young grandsons in it, for most of the summer. Honestly some times the yelling and screaming and arguing gets on my last nerve. Please pray for me, I do not want to be a railer-which is one who yells back, is verbally abusive, and or is adversely critical, and fault finding, and or uses reproachful language.
These things are easily contained for me with the general public, but not always so with immediate family. If you have total victory in these areas, well Praise God, will you please pray for me!


Diana Kukk said...

I will pray for you, dear sister. I don't have total victory here either. The Lord is teaching me, too. He said that with Him all things are possible! So, hang in there!

diana said...

Oh Helen. You have three young boys in your house?! I WILL pray for you. I only have two young boys in the house and they do wear me out! Of course my older girls are a challenge emotionally too. I can completley understand where you are coming from. I struggle alot with the exact same issues. I do catch myself yelling way too many times, actually, it is the Holy Spirit that is making me aware of it.

Lord bless you sister, will pray for you