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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When Men Become Fools

UK Health Care Manuel-Teen Sex can be fun -no need to wonder why the UK is infested with the enemies of God ready to destroy the population at any given moment!

America is to have National Health Care within weeks so we to can look forward to the type of treatment the brits get!

9 month wait for arthritis treatment in UK

I lived under socialized medicine for 26 years , it turns people into cattle....

My own family doctor responded in the affirmative several weeks ago when I made a statement/question and said, "They are (referring to the Govt.) going to put us to sleep when they think we are not longer productive aren't they"

Saints we can trust in the Lord, but what of the Lost, even more reason to pray that yet some might be saved?

The further men and governments get from God the dumber they get!

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Anonymous said...

I read about this a week ago. The difference between the people of God and the people of the devil is that we believers will NEVER be desensitized to what is happening around us. This is why news outlets will say abominations out of their mouths and people won't flinch.
To the world, fornication and adultery is the norm. As one person put it, "it's the way that the world is going right now." But for us this is death, physical and spiritual death.

The Lord spoke this in my heart a while ago, "sin is like rotten flesh, in the nostrils of the Lord" He cannot stand it, so therefore, it must be purged out. I stand in agreement with you sister, our redemption drawth nigh.